The White House and USICH recently launched ALL INside, a first-of-its-kind initiative to address unsheltered homelessness. Click to read how.

Deploy Housing First Systemwide

A Housing First system orientation recognizes that people experiencing homelessness—like all people—need the safety and stability of a home in order to best address challenges and pursue opportunities. 

The Housing First approach connects people back to a home as quickly as possible, while making readily available the services that people may need to be stable and secure.

Core Components

  • Street outreach providers, emergency shelters, and other parts of the crisis response system are working closely with housing providers to connect people to permanent housing as quickly as possible.
  • The community has a data-driven coordinated assessment system for matching people experiencing homelessness to the most appropriate housing and services based on their needs.
  • The community has a unified and streamlined process for applying for rapid re-housing, supportive housing, and/or other housing interventions.
  • Community leaders work collaboratively to ensure that a range of affordable and supportive housing options and models are available to meet local needs.
  • Policies and regulations related to supportive housing, social and health services, benefit and entitlement programs, and other essential services do not create needless barriers to housing. 
  • Communities work to ensure that people are not evicted back into homelessness whenever possible.