Implementation Plans & Guidance

The federal strategic plan, All In, establishes a goal to reduce homelessness 25% by 2025 as measured by the Point-in-Time Count. To drive progress toward this ambitious goal, USICH and its federal partners—in collaboration with stakeholders that include people with lived experienced of homelessness—will develop, publish, and update implementation work plans and guidance on a rolling basis to help communities set local goals and measure local progress. USICH will also use an annual performance management plan to track progress, including: 

  • The total number of people experiencing sheltered and unsheltered homelessness in the annual Point-in-Time Count
  • The number of children and youth, including students in families and unaccompanied students, identified as experiencing homelessness at some point during the school year 
  • Changes across the following HUD system performance measures: 
    • Length of time people remain homeless 
    • Returns to homelessness within 6 to 12 months and within 2 years 
    • Number of people who become homeless for the first time 
    • Number of homeless people 
    • Successful placement in and retention of housing from street outreach 
    • Racial disparities in homelessness, including inflow, length of time homeless, and successful housing placements

Latest Implementation Guidance