Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness

The Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness is a call to action for all mayors and other state and local leaders to publicly commit to making sure that every Veteran who served America has a home in America. 

Since June of 2014, more than 880 mayors, city and county officials, and governors have joined the Mayors Challenge, and more than 40 communities and 3 entire states have achieved the goal. 

To be recognized as having achieved the goal, communities must meet the requirements within the Criteria and Benchmarks for Achieving the Goal of Ending Veteran Homelessness, which are intended to help communities drive down the number of Veterans experiencing homelessness to as close to zero as possible, while building systems that support long-term, lasting solutions that can effectively and efficiently respond to future needs.

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Communities that Achieved the Goal
(42 communities & 3 states, in order of announcement)

New Orleans, LA Albany, NY Austin, TX                                      
Houston, TX Rockford, IL Middlesex County, NJ  
Mobile, AL Philadelphia, PA Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel, and Lee County, FL  
Troy, NY Mississippi Gulfport/Gulfport Coast Regional CoC, MS Buffalo/Western New York  
Saratoga Springs, NY Montgomery County, MD State of Delaware  
Flagler County, FL Volusia County/ Daytona Beach, FL Dayton/Montgomery County, OH  
Lancaster City and County, PA State of Connecticut DeKalb County, GA  
Cumberland County/Fayetteville, NC Reading/Berks County, PA

Portland/Gresham/Multnomah County, OR

Winston-Salem, NC Lynn, MA Shreveport, LA  
Las Cruces, NM Des Moines, IA Riverside, CA  
Syracuse, NY San Antonio, TX Santa Fe, NM  
Las Vegas, NV Terrebonne Parish, LA Chattanooga, TN  
Commonwealth of Virginia Hattiesburg, MS Southwest Minnesota CoC  
Schenectady, NY Long Island, NY  Nashua, NH  
Rochester, NY Bergen County, NJ Punta Gorda/Charlotte County, FL  
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