Resource Roundup: Accelerating Your Re-housing Strategy

In the midst of the COVID epidemic, communities must move quickly to re-house individuals and families experiencing homelessness by creating clear pathways to housing. This growing list of HUD resources can help. To receive additional resources as they are released, sign up for the HUD Exchange 


Rehousing Activation: Planning and Implementation Tips provides four key frameworks to begin strategically planning, dedicating, and implementing your resources. (4 pages) 


Rehousing Activation and Racial Equity provides a quick framework to examine the impact of rehousing decisions, policies, programs, and practices on racial equity. (3 pages) 


Targeted Rehousing Strategy Overview provides a graphical overview of the steps to plan and implement a rehousing strategy. (1 page) 


Planning a Housing Surge to Accelerate Rehousing Efforts in Response to COVID-19 reviews 6 steps to creating and implementing a housing surge in a COVID-19 environment. (8 pages)  


Special Population Rehousing Strategy: Family Violence provides considerations for planning and implementation of rehousing for survivors of family violence. (3 pages) 


Special Population Rehousing Strategy: Youth and Young Adults provides considerations for planning and implementation of rehousing for youth and young adults. (4 pages) 


High Acuity: Transition from Short-term to Long-term Subsidy provides tips for case managers when helping program participants consider transitions from rapid rehousing to a longer-term subsidy on a path to housing stability. (2 pages) 


Disaster Response Rehousing: A Resource Navigator provides a host of different resources in an interactive format to helps communities develop and implement rehousing strategies in their homelessness response systems. 


Rehousing Strategy in the Midst of COVID-19 webinar discusses how to pivot from a disaster response to a coordinated rehousing strategy during COVID-19.  


Targeting Homeless Prevention in the Midst of COVID-19 webinar discusses the elements of a successful prevention strategy and how it supports an overall rehousing strategy. 

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