White House Releases Transgender Day of Remembrance Report

December 2, 2021
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The Biden administration released a report from the White House’s Interagency Working Group on Safety, Opportunity, and Inclusion for Transgender and Gender Diverse Individuals. 

The report, “Memorializing Transgender Day of Remembrance,” highlights more than 45 actions the administration is taking to address the root causes of anti-transgender violence, discrimination, and denial of economic opportunity. 

Transgender and gender-diverse housing advocates, homeless services providers, legal services providers, and individuals with lived expertise of homelessness shared their perspectives on the over-representation of transgender and gender-diverse people among those experiencing housing insecurity.

The findings included: 

  • One in three transgender adults has experienced homelessness. 
  • Transgender people experiencing homelessness face high rates of violence and exposure to violence.
  • Transgender people reported facing particularly high barriers in accessing domestic violence shelters. 
  • Congregate shelters may also pose significant safety risks for transgender and gender-diverse people.
  • LGBTQI+ youth who have experienced housing instability attempt suicide at three times the rate of other LGBTQI+ youth. 
  • Trans-led social services organizations on the front lines of ending homelessness for gender-diverse communities reported that they face barriers in equitably accessing local, state, and federal resources and funding opportunities. 
  • Transgender renters often face the dangerous experience of being outed to property owners in the process of applying for housing, and still face blatant discrimination when attempting to find safe housing.
  • Transgender households are also uniquely impacted by the eviction crisis because of the dual effects of housing discrimination and the over-concentration of poverty among transgender and gender-diverse people.

Read the full report.

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