VA Announces New Legal-Services Grants for Veteran Homelessness

October 7, 2022
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This week, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) started taking applications for more than $11 million in new legal services grants for veterans experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

The funds, which are available through VA’s new Legal Services for Veterans Grant Program , will help:

  1. Provide representation in landlord-tenant disputes to prevent eviction
  2. Assist with court proceedings for child support, custody, or estate planning
  3. Obtain disability compensation and other benefits
  4. Provide criminal defense services for certain issues that are symptomatic of homelessness, such as outstanding warrants, fines and driver’s license revocation
  5. Upgrade characterization of discharges or dismissals of former members of the Armed Forces

The application deadline is December 30, and VA will host a technical assistance webinar for applicants in October.

The grants will be awarded in amounts up to $150,000 to 75 eligible organizations , with at least 10% of funding being used for women veterans.

This year, VA has moved more than 26,500 homeless veterans into permanent housing, putting the agency on track to meet its goal of housing 38,000 in 2022.

Read the full announcement.

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