Medicaid Expansion: Your Guide for Engaging People Experiencing Homelessness

October 21, 2013

This joint publication from USICH and NHCHC provided tips and talking points for homelessness services providers to help people experiencing homelessness overcome challenges and barriers to Medicaid enrollment.

The Affordable Care Act, and the expansion of Medicaid in particular, provides states with greater tools to prevent and end homelessness. Beginning on January 1, 2014, states are required to eliminate traditional barriers to insurance enrollment and have the choice to expand Medicaid to cover the vast majority of individuals experiencing homelessness in America.  As a result, people experiencing homelessness will have health coverage and greater access to a more comprehensive package of health services that can help them achieve health and housing stability.

Even with these improvements, many people experiencing homelessness will need special outreach, education, and assistance with enrolling in Medicaid.   Providers of services to people experiencing homelessness can overcome the challenges and barriers to Medicaid enrollment with these tips and talking points.