Engaging Landlords: Risk Mitigation Funds Community Profiles

April 15, 2016

Risk mitigation funds can be an effective piece of your overall landlord engagement strategy. These two documents provide details on how four communities set-up and implement their risk mitigation funds.

Partnerships with landlords is critical to ending homelessness and there are many strategies involved in engaging and recruiting landlords, including risk mitigation funds. Also referred to as a landlord guarantee or risk reduction funds, they are an added protection for landlords willing to rent to someone with limited income, a poor rental history, or a criminal history. The funds can cover excessive damages to the rental unit, lost rent, or legal fees beyond the security deposit. Reimbursement limits are set in advance and landlords typically submit a claim for reimbursement.

View the four community profiles of Denver, Colorado; Orlando, Florida; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington, to learn how they currently implement them as part of their overall landlord engagement strategy. The Quick Guide provides a brief overview of each community's program at a glance.