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We review the documents in our database every six months to make sure they are still accurate and relevant.

Webinar: Operating Isolation and Quarantine Facilities and Providing Medical, Behavioral Health, and Substance Use Treatment: Lessons from King County

Presenters from King County discuss providing medical, behavioral health, and substance use treatment in isolation and quarantine.

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Webinar: Maximizing Funding for Non-Congregate Shelter Opportunities: California’s Project Roomkey

Federal partners give updates about COVID-19 funding and California and Alameda County discuss efforts to maximize federal, state, and local funding through Project Roomkey.

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COVID-19 Funding, Flexibilities, and Waivers

Federal agencies are working to provide resources and flexibility to communities in support of efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic among people at risk of and experiencing homelessness.

Many of those resources come through provisions of the CARES Act, which was signed into law on March 27. Agencies are also providing guidance on flexibilities within existing funding that can be used in response to COVID-19. 

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Federal Programs that Support Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

This document, from HHS, FEMA, HUD, and USICH, identifies forms of federal assistance that can provide additional support to agencies/organizations addressing the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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Webinar: Implementing Assessment and Recovery Centers and Providing Transportation to Isolation and Quarantine Facilities: Lessons from Seattle/King County

Partners from the CDC, HUD, and Seattle/King County provide updates about the national COVID-19 response and Seattle/King County’s efforts to implement Assessment and Recovery Centers, as well as address transportation needs for people to get to isolation and quarantine facilities.

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COVID-19 Response for People Experiencing Homelessness: Early Learnings from Seattle/King County

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have published resources to support people experiencing homelessness in response to COVID-19, including interim guidance for homeless shelters, and for supporting people experiencing unsheltered homelessness. Their recommendations fall into three groups: Plan, Act, and Follow-Up.

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Federal Criteria and Benchmarks for Ending Veteran Homelessness Review Tool

This tool, developed by HUD and its partners and updated in April 2020, will help you track your progress in relation to the criteria for achieving the goal of ending Veteran homelessness. The Federal Criteria and Benchmarks Review Tool breaks down the criteria to help you identify possible gaps in your data, information, and strategies before seeking federal confirmation.

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Webinar: Reinforcing the Homelessness Crisis Response System: Lessons Learned from Seattle & King County

Join partners from the CDC and from Seattle & King County to learn more about the national COVID-19 response and what Seattle & King County are doing to support the existing homelessness crisis response system, including for those living unsheltered.

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Webinar: COVID-19 Planning and Response: Isolation and Quarantine: Lessons Learned from King County

Seattle & King County are on the forefront of the COVID-19 response. In this national webinar, join federal partners and learn how Seattle & King County are responding to COVID-19, including what they are doing to establish isolation and quarantine (I/Q) beds and address transportation needs across their homelessness services system.

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COVID-19 Resources from Seattle & King County

Seattle/King County, WA, is on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following resources have been developed by the community to plan and respond. Early lessons have also been compiled in COVID-19 Response for People Experiencing Homelessness: Early Learnings from Seattle/King County.

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