Role of Long-Term, Congregate Transitional Housing in Ending Homelessness

February 19, 2015

The National Alliance to End Homelessness and U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness worked with federal partners at VA, HHS, HUD and the DOJ's Office of Violence Against Women to develop a consensus document on the role of long-term congregate transitional housing.

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Domestic Violence Housing First Program Final Report

February 16, 2015

This report provides a detailed evaluation of the Domestic Violence Housing First program, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and coordinated by the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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Study of PHAs’ Efforts to Serve People Experiencing Homelessness

February 01, 2015

This study from HUD provides a status report on efforts by PHAs to serve households experiencing homelessness with mainstream housing assistance resources, and encourages public housing authorities and continuums of care to work together to end homelessness.

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HUD’s Coordinated Entry Policy Brief

February 01, 2015

This policy brief summarizes HUD’s views on goals for the coordinated entry process. It is meant to inform local efforts to further develop Continuums of Care coordinated entry processes.

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Employer Engagement Toolkit (Heartland Alliance)

November 19, 2014

The Heartland Alliance published the Employer Engagement Toolkit for workforce development stakeholders, offering resources to show employers the business value of a subsidized employment programs and promote positive outcomes for job seekers with barriers to employment.

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Creating Effective Systems to End Homelessness: A Guide to Reallocating Funds in the CoC Program

September 30, 2014

This tool provides CoCs and recipients of CoC Program funds with information on reallocation, and strategies for undertaking reallocation through the annual CoC Program Competition.

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Building Partnerships to Address Family Homelessness

September 25, 2014

This HHS resource provides background information on Head Start and Early Head Start programs, and discusses the impact strong partnerships can have on ending homelessness among families. Included in the resource are tools that promote collaboration between Head Start grantees and housing service providers, as well as to connect families to other useful resources locally.

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Housing Authorities: Essential Partners in Ending Homelessness

September 20, 2014

This report from the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities provides examples of how housing authorities can play key roles in ending homelessness.

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Webinar: Tailored Interventions and Assistance for Families Experiencing Homelessness

September 10, 2014

This webinar features community partners sharing how they are using a range of resources and program models to better serve families in need of a safe and stable place to call home. 

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Medicaid and Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronically Homeless Individuals: Emerging Practices

August 20, 2014

This is one of two HHS reports examining the use of Medicaid to cover services for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness, particularly in Permanent Supportive Housing. It describes existing practices in the field of communities currently serving homelessness and formerly homeless individuals Medicaid beneficiaries.

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