April 2014 Archive

23/04/2014 - Promising Starts: School-Based Homelessness Prevention Services

Sparky Harlan, CEO of Bill Wilson Center, talks about the impact of the Center's Family Advocacy Services on preventing homelessness among students while assisting both students and their families.

15/04/2014 - Creating Meaningful Alternatives to Criminalization in Our Communities

This was my first chance to witness, in person, their daily efforts to create meaningful alternatives to criminalization for the vulnerable men and women who are living unsheltered on the streets of my hometown, San Diego.

15/04/2014 - Criminalizing Homelessness is Costly, Ineffective, and Infringes on Human Rights

USICH Regional Coordinator Amy Sawyer explains why policies that criminalize homelessness are not only morally wrong but also ineffective solutions to ending homelessness in communities.

14/04/2014 - 3 Reasons to Address Homelessness as a Human Rights Issue

In this blog, Liz Osborn answers the question: What benefits and challenges do organizations face when addressing the issue of homelessness from a human rights perspective?

09/04/2014 - The Power of Constituent Voice: The Rhode Island Homeless Bill of Rights

Jim Ryczek, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless, recounts the journey he and his friend and fellow advocate John Joyce embarked upon in order to create a bill of rights on behalf of people experiencing homelessness in Rhode Island.

08/04/2014 - Starting Is the Starting Point for Coordinated Assessment

Setting up a coordinated assessment system is complex and doesn’t happen magically. But don’t let that stop you. Putting coordinated assessment in place doesn’t start with the challenges. It starts when communities decide that the challenges are worth facing.