December 2013 Archive

30/12/2013 - I Believe in Human Rights: A Pressing Problem

G.W. Rolle details his life while he was homeless in Florida, including how his and others’ basic human rights were violated while experiencing homelessness and why it is imperative we begin to protect these rights. 

26/12/2013 - I Believe in Human Rights: Liberty Begins at Home

It is fitting to acknowledge homelessness as a human rights issue now, in December, as cold weather bears down in many parts of the country, literally threatening the lives of people who are not properly housed, says Lisa Stand, Senior Policy Analyst with the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

23/12/2013 - I Believe in Human Rights: Ending Homelessness Will Require a Human Rights Approach

Kevin Lindsey, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, discusses his view that "providing shelter is about more than charity and compassion, it is about acting on a basic commitment enshrined in our Constitution."

19/12/2013 - I Believe in Human Rights: The Fortunate One

Gregory Lewis, the Executive Director of the True Colors Fund, writes about the most universal human right that every child is entitled to: unconditional love and acceptance from their parents. 

18/12/2013 - I Believe in Human Rights: Youth Homelessness and Education

Deborah Delisle, Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education, tells the tales of youth formerly experiencing homelessness and how their stories demonstrate the necessity of prioritizing youth homelessness.  

17/12/2013 - I Believe in Human Rights: My Personal Commitment to Ending Homelessness

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan discusses the formative time he spent volunteering in a homeless shelter, and how that spurred his dedication to ending homelessness. 

12/12/2013 - I Believe in Human Rights: A Viewpoint from Europe

Freek Spinnewijn, Director of FEANTSA, shares his views on human rights and the criminalization of homelessness in Europe. FEANTSA is a network of homeless service providers across Europe.  

11/12/2013 - I Believe in Human Rights: An Australian Perspective

Lucy Adams, Manager and Principal Lawyer at Justice Connect Homeless Law, discusses her work with people who are experiencing homelessness in Victoria. "Laws and practices that criminalize homelessness and punish people for their disadvantage are a human rights issue," she says. 

09/12/2013 - I Believe in Human Rights

Find out from USICH Executive Director Barbara Poppe how basic human rights are fundamental to understanding and ending homelessness.