The White House and USICH recently launched ALL INside, a first-of-its-kind initiative to address unsheltered homelessness. Click to read how.

What Is the Federal Strategic Plan?

All In is a multi-year, interagency roadmap for a future when no one experiences the tragedy and indignity of homelessness—and everyone has a safe, stable, accessible, and affordable home.

READ: All In: The Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness

The plan was developed by USICH with the collective thinking of 19 federal agencies that make up the USICH Council, and it will be updated annually to reflect the latest evidence, progress, and input.

To develop All In, USICH undertook a comprehensive and inclusive input process that included more than 1,500 online comments and 81 listening sessions that gathered feedback from thousands of providers, elected officials, advocates, and others—including more than 500 who have experienced homelessness. The process included people from nearly 650 communities, tribes, and territories.

All In sets an ambitious goal to reduce homelessness 25% by 2025 and encourages state and local governments to use the plan as a blueprint for developing their own strategic plans and for setting their own ambitious goals for 2025.

The plan is built around six pillars: three foundations—equity, data and evidence, and collaboration—and three solutions—housing and supports, crisis response, and prevention. Within each pillar are strategies and actions that lay the groundwork for a future when no one experiences homelessness—not even for one night.

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Excerpts From All In

Letter From POTUS
Message From USICH Chairs
Message From USICH Executive Director
Executive Summary
State of Homelessness
Vision for the Future
Federal Strategic Plan:
Lead With Equity
Use Data and Evidence to Make Decisions
Collaborate at All Levels
Scale Housing and Supports That Meet Demand
Improve Effectiveness of Homelessness Response Systems
Prevent Homelessness
Framework for Implementation
Appendix A: How This Plan Was Created
Appendix B: Inventory of Targeted and Non-Targeted Federal Programs

All In Implementation Events and Resources

USICH will host webinars and provide other forums to help partners and communities use All In to develop local and systems-levels plans to prevent and end homelessness, set state and local goals to reduce homelessness by 2025, hold the federal government accountable, and learn more about federal programs, strategies, and actions to prevent and end homelessness. 

Past and Upcoming Webinars:


USICH will also develop implementation plans—in collaboration with local, state, national, and federal partners—to make, track, and publicize progress. 

Check this page for updates on webinars and implementation plans.