Ending Family Homelessness

Being in safe and stable housing benefits both parents and children for a lifetime, improving their overall well-being, health, education, and future employment opportunities—outcomes that strengthen our communities and our country as a whole.

Given its complexity, family homelessness is not something that any single agency, level of government, sector, or system on its own can solve. Government, public agencies and schools, businesses, non-profits, and philanthropy all have roles to play in investing in and driving solutions.

What's Driving Progress

To prevent families with children from experiencing homelessness, and to make sure that when families do experience homelessness they can quickly regain permanent housing, communities need robust, coordinated systems, focused on shared outcomes. Recent federal, state, and local action has focused on:

  • Aligning data among federal programs
  • Strengthening housing solutions specifically for families
  • Deepening partnerships with domestic violence service providers
  • Strengthening education outcomes for young children experiencing homelessness

What You Can Do

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