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Ending Chronic Homelessness Among People with Disabilities

We can end homelessness for people with disabilities in our communities who experience recurring or long-term homelessness.

We know the solution - supportive housing - and we have proof of its effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness, in communities across the country.

Supportive housing implemented through a Housing First approach has been shown to help people with disabilities permanently stay out of homelessness, improve their health conditions, and significantly reduce their use of costly crisis services.  

What's Driving Progress

By prioritizing people experiencing chronic homelessness for existing supportive housing, and by creating opportunities to bring new units online, communities have made many more units available for people experiencing chronic homelessness with the highest needs.

Communities are also strengthening their assertive outreach and engagement, lowering barriers to emergency housing and services, and quickly linking people to permanent housing in order to bring the number of people experiencing chronic homelessness to as close to zero as possible.

What You Can Do